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In case of refusal of HIFU therapy

Taking into account the possibilities of modern medicine and the individual characteristics of the patient in case of refusal of HIFU therapy, the clinic offers an alternative approach to solve the problem:

  1. Traditional methods of treatment.
  2. A unique ICG technique that allows surgical treatment with the smallest amount of tissue to be removed.
  3. Use in the complex treatment of photodynamic therapy (PDT).
  4. Treatment by hyperthermia may be indicated.
  5. It is possible to undergo chemotherapy with original drugs selected especially for you.

Today there is no single treatment method that would suit all patients without exception, today there are many different methods. We apply an individual approach to each patient, provide a set of measures aimed at solving each case, a specific patient.

By contacting the Praetor clinic, you get access to advanced methods and technologies for solving oncological problems.

To be hospitalized in the hospital of the clinic, call +7 (383) 230-00-03, you can leave a request for hospitalization.

If you have any additional questions, please call +7 (913) 985-06-36