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Tumors of the mammary glands


  • the main thing is a woman's desire to preserve the mammary gland;
  • fibroadenoma (treated to the outer edge of the tumor);
  • breast cancer of stage 1-2 or any other for the purpose of cytoreduction (treated with the capture of healthy tissue by 1-1.5 cm);
  • recurrent tumors available for ablation after mastectomy in the chest area;
  • ultrasound ablation is performed as part of the standard combined protocol for the treatment of breast cancer as a local treatment, while all types of systemic treatment and local treatment (lymphodissection, radiation therapy according to indications) should be carried out.


  • multifocal cancer growth;
  • the location of the tumor behind the nipple or at a distance of less than 2 cm from the nipple;
  • diffuse-infiltrative forms of cancer without clear boundaries by ultrasound;
  • tumor invasion of the skin;
  • previous high-dose radiation therapy more than 70 Gy.

Preoperative examination:

  • If cancer is suspected, a biopsy under ultrasound control with morphological verification and determination of the receptor status;
  • the biopsy should be taken as many times as necessary for a full-fledged study;
  • MRI with contrast;
  • with clear visualization signs of fibroadenoma, FNA is possible.


  • only for neuroleptanalgesia for fibroadenoma ablation and anesthesia - for breast cancer.